The heat_integrationtests.scenario.test_autoscaling_lb Module

The heat_integrationtests.scenario.test_autoscaling_lb Module

class heat_integrationtests.scenario.test_autoscaling_lb.AutoscalingLoadBalancerTest(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: heat_integrationtests.scenario.scenario_base.ScenarioTestsBase

The class is responsible for testing ASG + LBv1 scenario.

The very common use case tested is an autoscaling group of some web application servers behind a loadbalancer.

check_num_responses(url, expected_num, retries=10)[source]

Check work of AutoScaing and Neutron LBaaS v1 resource in Heat.

The scenario is the following:
  1. Launch a stack with a load balancer and autoscaling group of one server, wait until stack create is complete.
  2. Check that there is only one distinctive response from loadbalanced IP.
  3. Signal the scale_up policy, wait until all resources in autoscaling group are complete.
  4. Check that now there are two distinctive responses from loadbalanced IP.
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