heat-db-setup [COMMANDS] [OPTIONS]


heat-db-setup is a tool which configures the local MySQL database for heat. Typically distro-specific tools would provide this functionality so please read the distro-specific documentation for configuring heat.



Indicate the distribution is a RPM packaging based distribution.


Indicate the distribution is a DEB packaging based distribution.


-h, --help

Print usage information.

-p, --password

Specify the password for the ‘heat’ MySQL user that the script will use to connect to the ‘heat’ MySQL database. By default, the password ‘heat’ will be used.

-r, --rootpw

Specify the root MySQL password. If the script installs the MySQL server, it will set the root password to this value instead of prompting for a password. If the MySQL server is already installed, this password will be used to connect to the database instead of having to prompt for it.

-y, --yes

In cases where the script would normally ask for confirmation before doing something, such as installing mysql-server, just assume yes. This is useful if you want to run the script non-interactively.


heat-db-setup rpm -p heat_password -r mysql_pwd -y

heat-db-setup deb -p heat_password -r mysql_pwd -y

heat-db-setup rpm


Heat bugs are managed through StoryBoard OpenStack Heat Stories