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# Copyright 2010 United States Government as represented by the
# Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
#    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
#    not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
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#         http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
#    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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#    License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
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"""Heat API exception subclasses - maps API response errors to AWS Errors."""

from oslo_utils import reflection
import six
import webob.exc

from heat.common.i18n import _
from heat.common import serializers

[docs]class HeatAPIException(webob.exc.HTTPError): """webob HTTPError subclass that creates a serialized body. Subclass webob HTTPError so we can correctly serialize the wsgi response into the http response body, using the format specified by the request. Note this should not be used directly, instead use the subclasses defined below which map to AWS API errors. """ code = 400 title = "HeatAPIException" explanation = _("Generic HeatAPIException, please use specific " "subclasses!") err_type = "Sender" def __init__(self, detail=None): """Overload HTTPError constructor to create a default serialized body. This is required because not all error responses are processed by the wsgi controller (such as auth errors), which are further up the paste pipeline. We serialize in XML by default (as AWS does). """ webob.exc.HTTPError.__init__(self, detail=detail) serializer = serializers.XMLResponseSerializer() serializer.default(self, self.get_unserialized_body())
[docs] def get_unserialized_body(self): """Return a dict suitable for serialization in the wsgi controller. This wraps the exception details in a format which maps to the expected format for the AWS API. """ # Note the aws response format specifies a "Code" element which is not # the html response code, but the AWS API error code, e.g self.title if self.detail: message = ":".join([self.explanation, self.detail]) else: message = self.explanation return {'ErrorResponse': {'Error': {'Type': self.err_type, 'Code': self.title, 'Message': message}}}
# Common Error Subclasses:
[docs]class HeatIncompleteSignatureError(HeatAPIException): """The request signature does not conform to AWS standards.""" code = 400 title = "IncompleteSignature" explanation = _("The request signature does not conform to AWS standards")
[docs]class HeatInternalFailureError(HeatAPIException): """The request processing has failed due to some unknown error.""" code = 500 title = "InternalFailure" explanation = _("The request processing has failed due to an " "internal error") err_type = "Server"
[docs]class HeatInvalidActionError(HeatAPIException): """The action or operation requested is invalid.""" code = 400 title = "InvalidAction" explanation = _("The action or operation requested is invalid")
[docs]class HeatInvalidClientTokenIdError(HeatAPIException): """The X.509 certificate or AWS Access Key ID provided does not exist.""" code = 403 title = "InvalidClientTokenId" explanation = _("The certificate or AWS Key ID provided does not exist")
[docs]class HeatInvalidParameterCombinationError(HeatAPIException): """Parameters that must not be used together were used together.""" code = 400 title = "InvalidParameterCombination" explanation = _("Incompatible parameters were used together")
[docs]class HeatInvalidParameterValueError(HeatAPIException): """A bad or out-of-range value was supplied for the input parameter.""" code = 400 title = "InvalidParameterValue" explanation = _("A bad or out-of-range value was supplied")
[docs]class HeatInvalidQueryParameterError(HeatAPIException): """AWS query string is malformed, does not adhere to AWS standards.""" code = 400 title = "InvalidQueryParameter" explanation = _("AWS query string is malformed, does not adhere to " "AWS spec")
[docs]class HeatMalformedQueryStringError(HeatAPIException): """The query string is malformed.""" code = 404 title = "MalformedQueryString" explanation = _("The query string is malformed")
[docs]class HeatMissingActionError(HeatAPIException): """The request is missing an action or operation parameter.""" code = 400 title = "MissingAction" explanation = _("The request is missing an action or operation parameter")
[docs]class HeatMissingAuthenticationTokenError(HeatAPIException): """Does not contain a valid AWS Access Key or certificate. Request must contain either a valid (registered) AWS Access Key ID or X.509 certificate. """ code = 403 title = "MissingAuthenticationToken" explanation = _("Does not contain a valid AWS Access Key or certificate")
[docs]class HeatMissingParameterError(HeatAPIException): """A mandatory input parameter is missing. An input parameter that is mandatory for processing the request is missing. """ code = 400 title = "MissingParameter" explanation = _("A mandatory input parameter is missing")
[docs]class HeatOptInRequiredError(HeatAPIException): """The AWS Access Key ID needs a subscription for the service.""" code = 403 title = "OptInRequired" explanation = _("The AWS Access Key ID needs a subscription for the " "service")
[docs]class HeatRequestExpiredError(HeatAPIException): """Request expired or more than 15 minutes in the future. Request is past expires date or the request date (either with 15 minute padding), or the request date occurs more than 15 minutes in the future. """ code = 400 title = "RequestExpired" explanation = _("Request expired or more than 15mins in the future")
[docs]class HeatServiceUnavailableError(HeatAPIException): """The request has failed due to a temporary failure of the server.""" code = 503 title = "ServiceUnavailable" explanation = _("Service temporarily unavailable") err_type = "Server"
[docs]class HeatThrottlingError(HeatAPIException): """Request was denied due to request throttling.""" code = 400 title = "Throttling" explanation = _("Request was denied due to request throttling")
[docs]class AlreadyExistsError(HeatAPIException): """Resource with the name requested already exists.""" code = 400 title = 'AlreadyExists' explanation = _("Resource with the name requested already exists")
# Not documented in the AWS docs, authentication failure errors
[docs]class HeatAccessDeniedError(HeatAPIException): """Authentication fails due to user IAM group memberships. This is the response given when authentication fails due to user IAM group memberships meaning we deny access. """ code = 403 title = "AccessDenied" explanation = _("User is not authorized to perform action")
[docs]class HeatSignatureError(HeatAPIException): """Authentication fails due to a bad signature.""" code = 403 title = "SignatureDoesNotMatch" explanation = _("The request signature we calculated does not match the " "signature you provided")
# Heat-specific errors
[docs]class HeatAPINotImplementedError(HeatAPIException): """API action is not yet implemented.""" code = 500 title = "APINotImplemented" explanation = _("The requested action is not yet implemented") err_type = "Server"
[docs]class HeatActionInProgressError(HeatAPIException): """Cannot perform action on stack in its current state.""" code = 400 title = 'InvalidAction' explanation = ("Cannot perform action on stack while other actions are " + "in progress")
[docs]class HeatRequestLimitExceeded(HeatAPIException): """Payload size of the request exceeds maximum allowed size.""" code = 400 title = 'RequestLimitExceeded' explanation = _("Payload exceeds maximum allowed size")
[docs]def map_remote_error(ex): """Map rpc_common.RemoteError exceptions to HeatAPIException subclasses. Map rpc_common.RemoteError exceptions returned by the engine to HeatAPIException subclasses which can be used to return properly formatted AWS error responses. """ inval_param_errors = ( 'AttributeError', 'ValueError', 'InvalidTenant', 'EntityNotFound', 'ResourceActionNotSupported', 'ResourceNotFound', 'ResourceNotAvailable', 'StackValidationFailed', 'InvalidSchemaError', 'InvalidTemplateReference', 'InvalidTemplateVersion', 'InvalidTemplateSection', 'UnknownUserParameter', 'UserParameterMissing', 'MissingCredentialError', 'ResourcePropertyConflict', 'PropertyUnspecifiedError', 'NotSupported', 'InvalidBreakPointHook', 'PhysicalResourceIDAmbiguity', ) denied_errors = ('Forbidden', 'NotAuthorized') already_exists_errors = ('StackExists') invalid_action_errors = ('ActionInProgress',) request_limit_exceeded = ('RequestLimitExceeded') ex_type = reflection.get_class_name(ex, fully_qualified=False) if ex_type.endswith('_Remote'): ex_type = ex_type[:-len('_Remote')] safe = getattr(ex, 'safe', False) detail = six.text_type(ex) if safe else None if ex_type in inval_param_errors: return HeatInvalidParameterValueError(detail=detail) elif ex_type in denied_errors: return HeatAccessDeniedError(detail=detail) elif ex_type in already_exists_errors: return AlreadyExistsError(detail=detail) elif ex_type in invalid_action_errors: return HeatActionInProgressError(detail=detail) elif ex_type in request_limit_exceeded: return HeatRequestLimitExceeded(detail=detail) else: # Map everything else to internal server error for now return HeatInternalFailureError(detail=detail)
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