heat.common.messaging module

heat.common.messaging module

class heat.common.messaging.RequestContextSerializer(base)[source]

Bases: oslo_messaging.serializer.Serializer

static deserialize_context(ctxt)[source]

Deserialize a dictionary into a request context.

Parameters:ctxt – Request context dictionary
Returns:Deserialized form of entity
deserialize_entity(ctxt, entity)[source]

Deserialize something from primitive form.

  • ctxt – Request context, in deserialized form
  • entity – Primitive to be deserialized

Deserialized form of entity

static serialize_context(ctxt)[source]

Serialize a request context into a dictionary.

Parameters:ctxt – Request context
Returns:Serialized form of context
serialize_entity(ctxt, entity)[source]

Serialize something to primitive form.

  • ctxt – Request context, in deserialized form
  • entity – Entity to be serialized

Serialized form of entity


Cleanup the oslo_messaging layer.


Return a configured oslo_messaging notifier.


Return a configured oslo_messaging RPCClient.

heat.common.messaging.get_rpc_server(target, endpoint)[source]

Return a configured oslo_messaging rpc server.

heat.common.messaging.get_specific_transport(url, optional, exmods, is_for_notifications=False)[source]
heat.common.messaging.setup(url=None, optional=False)[source]

Initialise the oslo_messaging layer.

heat.common.messaging.setup_transports(url, optional)[source]
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