heat.engine.clients.os.swift module

heat.engine.clients.os.swift module

class heat.engine.clients.os.swift.SwiftClientPlugin(context)[source]

Bases: heat.engine.clients.client_plugin.ClientPlugin

OBJECT_STORE = 'object-store'
exceptions_module = <module 'swiftclient.exceptions' from '/home/zuul/src/opendev.org/openstack/heat/.tox/docs/lib/python3.6/site-packages/swiftclient/exceptions.py'>
get_files_from_container(files_container, files_to_skip=None)[source]

Gets the file contents from a container.

Get the file contents from the container in a files map. A list of files to skip can also be specified and those would not be downloaded from swift.

get_signal_url(container_name, obj_name, timeout=None)[source]

Turn on object versioning.

We can use a single TempURL for multiple signals and return a Swift TempURL.

get_temp_url(container_name, obj_name, timeout=None, method='PUT')[source]

Return a Swift TempURL.


Returns True if the current exception comes from the client.


Returns True if the exception is a conflict.


Returns True if the exception is a not-found.


Returns True if the exception is an over-limit.


Return True if path is a valid Swift TempURL path, False otherwise.

A Swift TempURL path must: - Be five parts, [‘’, ‘v1’, ‘account’, ‘container’, ‘object’] - Be a v1 request - Have account, container, and object values - Have an object value with more than just ‘/’s

Parameters:path (string) – The TempURL path

Parses the last-modified value.

For example, last-modified values from a swift object header. Returns the datetime.datetime of that value.

Parameters:lm (string) – The last-modified value (or None)
Returns:An offset-naive UTC datetime of the value (or None)
service_types = ['object-store']
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