heat.engine.properties_group module

heat.engine.properties_group module

class heat.engine.properties_group.PropertiesGroup(schema, properties=None)[source]

Bases: object

A class for specifying properties relationships.

Properties group allows to specify relations between properties or other properties groups with operators AND, OR and XOR by one-key dict with list value. For example, if there are two properties: “subprop1”, which is child of property “prop1”, and property “prop2”, and they should not be specified together, then properties group for them should be next:

{XOR: [["prop1", "subprop1"], ["prop2"]]}

where each property name should be set as list of strings. Also, if these properties are exclusive with properties “prop3” and “prop4”, which should be specified both, then properties group will be defined such way:

{XOR: [ ["prop1", "subprop1"], ["prop2"],
        {AND: [ ["prop3"], ["prop4"] ]} ]}

where one-key dict with key “AND” is nested properties group.

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