Source code for heat.engine.clients.os.sahara

# Copyright (c) 2014 Mirantis Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# implied.
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

from oslo_config import cfg
from saharaclient.api import base as sahara_base
from saharaclient import client as sahara_client

from heat.common import exception
from heat.common.i18n import _
from heat.engine.clients import client_plugin
from heat.engine import constraints

CLIENT_NAME = 'sahara'

[docs]class SaharaClientPlugin(client_plugin.ClientPlugin): exceptions_module = sahara_base service_types = [DATA_PROCESSING] = ['data-processing'] def _create(self): con = self.context endpoint_type = self._get_client_option(CLIENT_NAME, 'endpoint_type') args = { 'endpoint_type': endpoint_type, 'service_type': self.DATA_PROCESSING, 'session': con.keystone_session, 'connect_retries': cfg.CONF.client_retry_limit, 'region_name': self._get_region_name() } client = sahara_client.Client('1.1', **args) return client
[docs] def validate_hadoop_version(self, plugin_name, hadoop_version): plugin = self.client().plugins.get(plugin_name) allowed_versions = plugin.versions if hadoop_version not in allowed_versions: msg = (_("Requested plugin '%(plugin)s' doesn\'t support version " "'%(version)s'. Allowed versions are %(allowed)s") % {'plugin': plugin_name, 'version': hadoop_version, 'allowed': ', '.join(allowed_versions)}) raise exception.StackValidationFailed(message=msg)
[docs] def is_not_found(self, ex): return (isinstance(ex, sahara_base.APIException) and ex.error_code == 404)
[docs] def is_over_limit(self, ex): return (isinstance(ex, sahara_base.APIException) and ex.error_code == 413)
[docs] def is_conflict(self, ex): return (isinstance(ex, sahara_base.APIException) and ex.error_code == 409)
[docs] def is_not_registered(self, ex): return (isinstance(ex, sahara_base.APIException) and ex.error_code == 400 and ex.error_name == 'IMAGE_NOT_REGISTERED')
[docs] def find_resource_by_name_or_id(self, resource_name, value): """Return the ID for the specified name or identifier. :param resource_name: API name of entity :param value: ID or name of entity :returns: the id of the requested :value: :raises exception.EntityNotFound: :raises exception.PhysicalResourceNameAmbiguity: """ try: entity = getattr(self.client(), resource_name) return entity.get(value).id except sahara_base.APIException: return self.find_resource_by_name(resource_name, value)
[docs] def get_image_id(self, image_identifier): """Return the ID for the specified image name or identifier. :param image_identifier: image name or a UUID-like identifier :returns: the id of the requested :image_identifier: :raises exception.EntityNotFound: :raises exception.PhysicalResourceNameAmbiguity: """ # leave this method for backward compatibility try: return self.find_resource_by_name_or_id('images', image_identifier) except exception.EntityNotFound: raise exception.EntityNotFound(entity='Image', name=image_identifier)
[docs] def find_resource_by_name(self, resource_name, value): """Return the ID for the specified entity name. :raises exception.EntityNotFound: :raises exception.PhysicalResourceNameAmbiguity: """ try: filters = {'name': value} obj = getattr(self.client(), resource_name) obj_list = obj.find(**filters) except sahara_base.APIException as ex: raise exception.Error( _("Error retrieving %(entity)s list from sahara: " "%(err)s") % dict(entity=resource_name, err=str(ex))) num_matches = len(obj_list) if num_matches == 0: raise exception.EntityNotFound(entity=resource_name or 'entity', name=value) elif num_matches > 1: raise exception.PhysicalResourceNameAmbiguity( name=value) else: return obj_list[0].id
[docs] def get_plugin_id(self, plugin_name): """Get the id for the specified plugin name. :param plugin_name: the name of the plugin to find :returns: the id of :plugin: :raises exception.EntityNotFound: """ try: self.client().plugins.get(plugin_name) except sahara_base.APIException: raise exception.EntityNotFound(entity='Plugin', name=plugin_name)
[docs] def get_job_type(self, job_type): """Find the job type :param job_type: the name of sahara job type to find :returns: the name of :job_type: :raises: exception.EntityNotFound """ try: filters = {'name': job_type} return self.client().job_types.find_unique(**filters) except sahara_base.APIException: raise exception.EntityNotFound(entity='Job Type', name=job_type)
[docs]class SaharaBaseConstraint(constraints.BaseCustomConstraint): expected_exceptions = (exception.EntityNotFound, exception.PhysicalResourceNameAmbiguity,) resource_name = None
[docs] def validate_with_client(self, client, resource_id): sahara_plugin = client.client_plugin(CLIENT_NAME) sahara_plugin.find_resource_by_name_or_id(self.resource_name, resource_id)
[docs]class PluginConstraint(constraints.BaseCustomConstraint): # do not touch constraint for compatibility resource_client_name = CLIENT_NAME resource_getter_name = 'get_plugin_id'
[docs]class JobTypeConstraint(constraints.BaseCustomConstraint): resource_client_name = CLIENT_NAME resource_getter_name = 'get_job_type'
[docs]class ImageConstraint(SaharaBaseConstraint): resource_name = 'images'
[docs]class JobBinaryConstraint(SaharaBaseConstraint): resource_name = 'job_binaries'
[docs]class ClusterConstraint(SaharaBaseConstraint): resource_name = 'clusters'
[docs]class DataSourceConstraint(SaharaBaseConstraint): resource_name = 'data_sources'
[docs]class ClusterTemplateConstraint(SaharaBaseConstraint): resource_name = 'cluster_templates'