Source code for heat.engine.clients.os.swift

#    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
#    not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
#    a copy of the License at
#    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
#    distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
#    WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
#    License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
#    under the License.

import datetime
import email.utils
import hashlib
import logging
import random
import time
from urllib import parse

from oslo_config import cfg
from swiftclient import client as sc
from swiftclient import exceptions
from swiftclient import utils as swiftclient_utils

from heat.common import exception
from heat.common.i18n import _
from heat.engine.clients import client_plugin

IN_PROGRESS = 'in progress'

MAX_EPOCH = 2147483647

CLIENT_NAME = 'swift'

# silence the swiftclient logging
sc_logger = logging.getLogger("swiftclient")

[docs]class SwiftClientPlugin(client_plugin.ClientPlugin): exceptions_module = exceptions service_types = [OBJECT_STORE] = ['object-store'] def _create(self): endpoint_type = self._get_client_option(CLIENT_NAME, 'endpoint_type') os_options = {'endpoint_type': endpoint_type, 'service_type': self.OBJECT_STORE, 'region_name': self._get_region_name()} return sc.Connection(auth_version=3, session=self.context.keystone_session, os_options=os_options)
[docs] def is_client_exception(self, ex): return isinstance(ex, exceptions.ClientException)
[docs] def is_not_found(self, ex): return (isinstance(ex, exceptions.ClientException) and ex.http_status == 404)
[docs] def is_over_limit(self, ex): return (isinstance(ex, exceptions.ClientException) and ex.http_status == 413)
[docs] def is_conflict(self, ex): return (isinstance(ex, exceptions.ClientException) and ex.http_status == 409)
[docs] def is_valid_temp_url_path(self, path): """Return True if path is a valid Swift TempURL path, False otherwise. A Swift TempURL path must: - Be five parts, ['', 'v1', 'account', 'container', 'object'] - Be a v1 request - Have account, container, and object values - Have an object value with more than just '/'s :param path: The TempURL path :type path: string """ parts = path.split('/', 4) return bool(len(parts) == 5 and not parts[0] and parts[1] == 'v1' and parts[2].endswith(self.context.tenant_id) and parts[3] and parts[4].strip('/'))
[docs] def get_temp_url(self, container_name, obj_name, timeout=None, method='PUT'): """Return a Swift TempURL.""" key_header = 'x-account-meta-temp-url-key' if key_header not in self.client().head_account(): self.client().post_account({ key_header: hashlib.sha224( str(random.getrandbits(256)).encode( "latin-1")).hexdigest()[:32]}) key = self.client().head_account()[key_header] path = '/v1/AUTH_%s/%s/%s' % (self.context.tenant_id, container_name, obj_name) if timeout is None: timeout = int(MAX_EPOCH - 60 - time.time()) tempurl = swiftclient_utils.generate_temp_url(path, timeout, key, method) sw_url = parse.urlparse(self.client().url) return '%s://%s%s' % (sw_url.scheme, sw_url.netloc, tempurl)
[docs] def get_signal_url(self, container_name, obj_name, timeout=None): """Turn on object versioning. We can use a single TempURL for multiple signals and return a Swift TempURL. """ self.client().put_container( container_name, headers={'x-versions-location': container_name}) self.client().put_object(container_name, obj_name, IN_PROGRESS) return self.get_temp_url(container_name, obj_name, timeout)
[docs] def parse_last_modified(self, lm): """Parses the last-modified value. For example, last-modified values from a swift object header. Returns the datetime.datetime of that value. :param lm: The last-modified value (or None) :type lm: string :returns: An offset-naive UTC datetime of the value (or None) """ if not lm: return None pd = email.utils.parsedate(lm)[:6] # according to RFC 2616, all HTTP time headers must be # in GMT time, so create an offset-naive UTC datetime return datetime.datetime(*pd)
[docs] def get_files_from_container(self, files_container, files_to_skip=None): """Gets the file contents from a container. Get the file contents from the container in a files map. A list of files to skip can also be specified and those would not be downloaded from swift. """ client = self.client() files = {} if files_to_skip is None: files_to_skip = [] try: headers, objects = client.get_container(files_container) bytes_used = int(headers.get('x-container-bytes-used', 0)) if bytes_used > cfg.CONF.max_json_body_size: msg = _("Total size of files to download (%(size)s bytes) " "exceeds maximum allowed (%(limit)s bytes).") % { 'size': bytes_used, 'limit': cfg.CONF.max_json_body_size} raise exception.DownloadLimitExceeded(message=msg) for obj in objects: file_name = obj['name'] if file_name not in files_to_skip: contents = client.get_object(files_container, file_name)[1] files[file_name] = contents except exceptions.ClientException as cex: raise exception.NotFound(_('Could not fetch files from ' 'container %(container)s, ' 'reason: %(reason)s.') % {'container': files_container, 'reason': str(cex)}) return files