heat.api.openstack.v1.actions module

class heat.api.openstack.v1.actions.ActionController(options)[source]

Bases: object

WSGI controller for Actions in Heat v1 API.

Implements the API for stack actions

ACTIONS = ('suspend', 'resume', 'check', 'cancel_update', 'cancel_without_rollback')
CANCEL_UPDATE = 'cancel_update'
CANCEL_WITHOUT_ROLLBACK = 'cancel_without_rollback'
CHECK = 'check'
REQUEST_SCOPE = 'actions'
RESUME = 'resume'
SUSPEND = 'suspend'
action(req, tenant_id, stack_name, stack_id, body=None)[source]

Performs a specified action on a stack.

The body is expecting to contain exactly one item whose key specifies the action.

cancel_update(req, identity, body=None)[source]
cancel_without_rollback(req, identity, body=None)[source]
check(req, identity, body=None)[source]
resume(req, identity, body=None)[source]
suspend(req, identity, body=None)[source]

Actions action factory method.