Supported Browsers

Supported Browsers

Horizon is primarily tested and supported on the latest version of Firefox and the latest version of Chrome. Issues related to IE, Safari and Opera will also be considered.

This page aims to informally document what that means for different releases, everyone is warmly encouraged to update this page based on the versions they’ve tested with.


  • Very good: Very well tested, should work as expected
  • Good: Moderately tested, should look nice and work fine, maybe a few visual hiccups
  • Poor: Doesn’t look good
  • Broken: Essential functionality not working (link to bug in the notes)
  • No: Not supported
  Status Notes
Firefox Very good  
Chrome Very good  
MS Edge Poor There’re some bugs but most of features work
IE 11 Poor
There’re some bugs but most
of features work
IE 10 and below Not supported.  
Safari Good  
Opera ? Is should work good with Webkit
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