Antrian pesan untuk SUSE

OpenStack uses a message queue to coordinate operations and status information among services. The message queue service typically runs on the controller node. OpenStack supports several message queue services including RabbitMQ, and Qpid. However, most distributions that package OpenStack support a particular message queue service. This guide implements the RabbitMQ message queue service because most distributions support it. If you prefer to implement a different message queue service, consult the documentation associated with it.

Antrian pesan berjalan pada kontroler simpul (controller node).

Menginstal dan mengkonfigurasi komponen

  1. Instal paket:

    # zypper install rabbitmq-server
  2. Mulai layanan antrian pesan dan mengkonfigurasinya untuk memulai booting:

    # systemctl enable rabbitmq-server.service
    # systemctl start rabbitmq-server.service
  3. Tambahkan openstack user:

    # rabbitmqctl add_user openstack RABBIT_PASS
    Creating user "openstack" ...

    Ganti `` RABBIT_PASS`` dengan password yang sesuai.

  4. Mengizinkan konfigurasi, menulis, dan membaca akses untuk openstack user:

    # rabbitmqctl set_permissions openstack ".*" ".*" ".*"
    Setting permissions for user "openstack" in vhost "/" ...