Contributing to git-review

To get the latest code, see:

Bugs are handled at:!/project/719

There is a mailing list at:

Code reviews, as you might expect, are handled by gerrit at:

See for details. Pull requests submitted through GitHub will be ignored.

Use git review to submit patches (after creating a gerrit account that links to your launchpad account). Example:

# Do your commits
git review
# Enter your username if prompted

Running tests

Running tests for git-review means running a local copy of Gerrit to check that git-review interacts correctly with it. This requires the following:

  • a Java Runtime Environment on the machine to run tests on
  • Internet access to download the gerrit.war file, or a locally cached copy (it needs to be located in a .gerrit directory at the top level of the git-review project)

To run git-review integration tests the following commands may by run:

tox -e py27
tox -e py26
tox -e py32
tox -e py33

depending on what Python interpreter would you like to use.

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