Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Support for auto-configuration of topic names based on the presence of keywords in the commit message is removed. Previously, keywords such as bug, bp or lp followed by a number would result in branch names containing the associated number, e.g. bug/123. This feature was OpenStack specific, was a frequent source of bugs and clearly wasn’t being used that often, given that StoryBoard is a thing now and no one had updated this feature to handle that metadata.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes gitreview process exit code to align with general UNIX process exit code conventions. Specifically, default exit code changed to 1 which stands for “general error”.

  • Fixed usepushurl to work when a read-only mirror being used as origin does not contain refs/changes from gerrit.

  • If a patch has no topic, downloading it will result in a topic of review/{owner}/{ID}. Previously, submitting this would then set the topic to {ID}. This was incorrect behavior and is now resolved.


New Features

  • Patch download now supports change urls. Rather than forcing users to copy only part of a URL to a review, users may now paste the whole change URL.

Upgrade Notes

  • The -c and --compatible command line options have been removed. They had been there so someone could request compatibility with older Gerrits, but the need for this has gone away.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix git review -d M,N for newer gerrit. The “number” field returned via gerrit JSON can be a string (2.13) or a integer (~2.14).

  • Update default gerrit namespace for newer gerrit. According to Gerrit documentation for 2.15.3, refs/for/’branch’ should be used when pushing changes to Gerrit instead of refs/publish/’branch’.