Enable HipChat notifications of build execution.

Supports hipchat plugin versions < 1.9. Will automatically redirect to the publishers module for newer versions, but still recommended that you convert to the newer module.

  • enabled (bool): general cut off switch. If not explicitly set to true, no hipchat parameters are written to XML. For Jenkins HipChat plugin of version prior to 0.1.5, also enables all build results to be reported in HipChat room. For later plugin versions, explicit notify-* setting is required (see below).

  • room (str): name of HipChat room to post messages to (default ‘’)

    Deprecated since version 1.2.0: Please use ‘rooms’.

  • rooms (list): list of HipChat rooms to post messages to (default empty)

  • start-notify (bool): post messages about build start event

    Deprecated since version 1.2.0: use notify-start parameter instead

  • notify-start (bool): post messages about build start event (default false)

  • notify-success (bool): post messages about successful build event (Jenkins HipChat plugin >= 0.1.5) (default false)

  • notify-aborted (bool): post messages about aborted build event (Jenkins HipChat plugin >= 0.1.5) (default false)

  • notify-not-built (bool): post messages about build set to NOT_BUILT status (Jenkins HipChat plugin >= 0.1.5). This status code is used in a multi-stage build (like maven2) where a problem in earlier stage prevented later stages from building. (default false)

  • notify-unstable (bool): post messages about unstable build event (Jenkins HipChat plugin >= 0.1.5) (default false)

  • notify-failure (bool): post messages about build failure event (Jenkins HipChat plugin >= 0.1.5) (default false)

  • notify-back-to-normal (bool): post messages about build being back to normal after being unstable or failed (Jenkins HipChat plugin >= 0.1.5) (default false)


  enabled: true
      - My Room
      - Your Room
  notify-start: true
  notify-success: true
  notify-aborted: true
  notify-not-built: true
  notify-unstable: true
  notify-failure: true
  notify-back-to-normal: true