Welcome to OpenStackId’s documentation!


OpenStackID Idp (Identity Provider) supports the OpenID 2.0 protocol providing authentication support as an OpenID provider.

also supports the following OpenID extensions:

  • OpenID Attribute Exchange 1.0
    Allows web developers to access, with the user’s approval, certain user information stored with OpenStack DB, including user name and email address
  • OpenID Simple Registration Extension 1.0
    OpenID Simple Registration is an extension to the OpenID Authentication protocol that allows for very light-weight profile exchange. It is designed to pass eight commonly requested pieces of information when an End User goes to register a new account with a web service.
  • OpenID OAuth2 Extension
    OpenID+OAuth Hybrid protocol lets web developers combine an OpenID request with an OAuth authentication request. This extension is useful for web developers who use both OpenID and OAuth, particularly in that it simplifies the process for users by requesting their approval once instead of twice. In this way, the user can approve login and service access at the same time.

Its also support The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework , turning OpenStackID Server in a Combined Provider (A web service that is simultaneously an OpenID Identity Provider (OP) and an OAuth2 Service Provider (SP).).

OAUTH2 Grants Support: