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OpenStack Infra Puppet Overview

Spencer Krum <>


OpenStack Infra: Puppet Things

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What this talk is not about:

What this talk *is* about:


  1. Briefly introduce the scope and responsibilities of -infra
  2. Introduce the physical/virtual, longlived/ephemeral resources behind -infra
  3. Discuss the high level layout of where puppet is used
  4. Discuss puppet master/puppet run/code deploy architecture
  5. Dig into four cool things about -infra

What this talk *is* about:

  1. roles
  2. hiera
  3. project-config
  4. apply test

What is Infra

What does the Infra Look like?

Where is Puppet Used?

Where is Puppet *not* Used?

Puppet Master Overview

What this talk *is* about:

  1. hiera: show site.pp
  2. roles: show o_p::*
  3. project-config: show how zuul config gets populated
  4. apply test: show apply test


THANKS! These slides available at: