Web Client Commands

Using tox:

  • Run the test suite:

    tox -egrunt test
  • Run a local development server:

    tox -egrunt serve
  • Run a local development server without the API:

    tox -egrunt_no_api serve
  • Package the distro:

    tox -egrunt build

Using grunt directly within virtual environment

  • Activate virtual environment:

    source .tox/grunt/bin/activate
  • Update/refresh the javascript build and runtime dependencies:

    npm prune
    npm install
    bower prune
    bower install
  • Run a local development server with API and web client:

    grunt serve
  • Run the test suite:

    grunt test
  • Package the distro:

    grunt build
  • Bootstrap your database:

    ./bin/api.sh create-db
  • Migrate the database:

    ./bin/api.sh migrate-db
  • Start the API:

    ./bin/api.sh start
  • Stop the API:

    ./bin/api.sh stop