StoryBoard is the task and project tracking system both developed and used by the OpenStack project. Some projects have already elected to move to StoryBoard, however it is still considered in limited alpha and is not ready for production use.

This section describes how StoryBoard is configured for use in the OpenStack project and the tools used to manage that configuration.


StoryBoard is installed and configured by Puppet, using the puppet module developed for the project. See System Administration for how Puppet is used to manage OpenStack infrastructure systems.


The default superusers configuration of StoryBoard is managed from within infra/system-config. The rest of the configuration is on projects-config. To add a project, admin, or modify a team, please follow the instructions below.

Adding a Project to StoryBoard


At this point, only OpenStack Infrastructure projects should be added to StoryBoard, as key features such as release versioning are not yet implemented.

Projects loaded into StoryBoard are handled from the same file that drives our gerrit projects. Adding a new project is as simple as modifying a single file and adding the line use-storyboard: true:


- project: openstack-infra/storyboard
  description: OpenStack Task Tracking API
  use-storyboard: true

Adding an Admin to StoryBoard

StoryBoard administrators are handled from a single configuration file, and are identified by OpenID. To add a new administator, simply add their Launchpad OpenID string and email as follows:


- openid:

Modifying a Team on StoryBoard

Teams are not yet supported. Stay tuned!