As of the Liberty release, translations for various projects in OpenStack are done on the Zanata translations platform.


The OpenStack Infrastructure runs a production instance and a development instance of Zanata running on the Wildfly JBoss Application Server. Upgrades must be tested on the development server before being applied in production.

Translators work through the Zanata web UI or with the zanata-cli tool to do their translations. A series of Jenkins jobs handle translations proposals on the proposal slave.

Projects are added for translations by modifying project-config: gerrit/projects.yaml and adding the following to the project:

  - translate

Projects are then registered with Zanata with the from Jeepyb, this is run when project-config: gerrit/projects.yaml changes.

Finally, the translations jobs must be added to the project in project-config: jenkins/jobs/projects.yaml and project-config: zuul/layout.yaml.