Release Notes


New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Story 2001441 is fixed. Failure by one Zuul reporter will not short circuit the reporting of other reporters. This ensures as much information as possible is reported for each change even if some failures occur. Note that the build set status is changed to ‘ERROR’ after the first failed reporter.
  • The script has been adapted to the new zuul-web api routes.


New Features

  • Git repositories will have a origin remote with refs pointing to the previous change in the speculative state.

    This allows jobs to determine the commits that are part of a change, which was not possible before. The remote URL is set to a bogus value which won’t work with git commands that need to talk to the remote repository.

  • PostgreSQL is now officially supported as database backend. See <sql connection> on how to configure database connections.

Upgrade Notes

  • The alembic version table is fixed to being prefixed too. This is necessary when using <sql connection>.table_prefix. However if you are already using table_prefix you will need to rename the table alembic_version to <prefix>alembic_version before starting Zuul. Otherwise zuul will try to create the tables again and fail. If you’re not using table_prefix you can safely ignore this.

Bug Fixes

  • Zuul role repository checkouts now honor job.override-checkout.

    Previously, when a Zuul role was specified for a job, Zuul would usually checkout the master branch, unless that repository appeared in the dependency chain for a patch. It will now follow the usual procedure for determining the branch to check out, including honoring job.override-checkout options.

    This may alter the behavior of currently existing jobs. Depending on circumstances, you may need to set job.override-checkout or copy roles to other branches of projects.