Source code for ironic_inspector.process

# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# implied.
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

"""Handling introspection data from the ramdisk."""

import copy
import os

from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_serialization import base64
from oslo_utils import excutils
from oslo_utils import timeutils

from ironic_inspector.common.i18n import _
from ironic_inspector.common import ironic as ir_utils
from ironic_inspector import introspection_state as istate
from ironic_inspector import node_cache
from ironic_inspector.plugins import base as plugins_base
from ironic_inspector.pxe_filter import base as pxe_filter
from ironic_inspector import rules
from ironic_inspector import utils


LOG = utils.getProcessingLogger(__name__)


def _store_logs(introspection_data, node_info):
    logs = introspection_data.get('logs')
    if not logs:
        LOG.warning('No logs were passed by the ramdisk',
                    data=introspection_data, node_info=node_info)

    if not CONF.processing.ramdisk_logs_dir:
        LOG.warning('Failed to store logs received from the ramdisk '
                    'because ramdisk_logs_dir configuration option '
                    'is not set',
                    data=introspection_data, node_info=node_info)

    fmt_args = {
        'uuid': node_info.uuid if node_info is not None else 'unknown',
        'mac': (utils.get_pxe_mac(introspection_data) or
                'unknown').replace(':', ''),
        'dt': timeutils.utcnow(),
        'bmc': (utils.get_ipmi_address_from_data(introspection_data) or

    file_name = CONF.processing.ramdisk_logs_filename_format.format(**fmt_args)

        if not os.path.exists(CONF.processing.ramdisk_logs_dir):
        with open(os.path.join(CONF.processing.ramdisk_logs_dir, file_name),
                  'wb') as fp:
    except EnvironmentError:
        LOG.exception('Could not store the ramdisk logs',
                      data=introspection_data, node_info=node_info)
    else:'Ramdisk logs were stored in file %s', file_name,
                 data=introspection_data, node_info=node_info)

def _find_node_info(introspection_data, failures):
        address = utils.get_ipmi_address_from_data(introspection_data)
        v6address = utils.get_ipmi_v6address_from_data(introspection_data)
        bmc_addresses = list(filter(None, [address, v6address]))
        macs = utils.get_valid_macs(introspection_data)
        return node_cache.find_node(bmc_address=bmc_addresses,
    except utils.NotFoundInCacheError as exc:
        if CONF.processing.permit_active_introspection:
                return node_cache.record_node(bmc_addresses=bmc_addresses,
            except utils.NotFoundInCacheError:
                    'Active nodes introspection is enabled, but no node '
                    'was found for MAC(s) %(mac)s and BMC address(es) '
                    '%(addr)s; proceeding with discovery',
                    {'mac': ', '.join(macs) if macs else None,
                     'addr': ', '.join(filter(None, bmc_addresses)) or None})

        not_found_hook = plugins_base.node_not_found_hook_manager()
        if not_found_hook is None:
            failures.append(_('Look up error: %s') % exc)

        LOG.debug('Running node_not_found_hook %s',

        # NOTE(sambetts): If not_found_hook is not none it means that we were
        # unable to find the node in the node cache and there is a node not
        # found hook defined so we should try to send the introspection data
        # to that hook to generate the node info before bubbling up the error.
            node_info = not_found_hook.driver(introspection_data)
            if node_info:
                return node_info
            failures.append(_("Node not found hook returned nothing"))
        except Exception as exc:
            failures.append(_("Node not found hook failed: %s") % exc)
    except utils.Error as exc:
        failures.append(_('Look up error: %s') % exc)

def _run_pre_hooks(introspection_data, failures):
    hooks = plugins_base.processing_hooks_manager()
    for hook_ext in hooks:
        LOG.debug('Running pre-processing hook %s',,
        # NOTE(dtantsur): catch exceptions, so that we have changes to update
        # node introspection status after look up
        except utils.Error as exc:
            LOG.error('Hook %(hook)s failed, delaying error report '
                      'until node look up: %(error)s',
                      {'hook':, 'error': exc},
            failures.append('Preprocessing hook %(hook)s: %(error)s' %
                            {'hook':, 'error': exc})
        except Exception as exc:
            LOG.exception('Hook %(hook)s failed, delaying error report '
                          'until node look up: %(error)s',
                          {'hook':, 'error': exc},
            failures.append(_('Unexpected exception %(exc_class)s during '
                              'preprocessing in hook %(hook)s: %(error)s') %
                             'exc_class': exc.__class__.__name__,
                             'error': exc})

def _filter_data_excluded_keys(data):
    return {k: v for k, v in data.items()
            if k not in _STORAGE_EXCLUDED_KEYS}

[docs] def store_introspection_data(node_uuid, data, processed=True): """Store introspection data to the storage backend. :param node_uuid: node UUID :param data: Introspection data to be saved :param processed: The type of introspection data, set to True means the introspection data is processed, otherwise unprocessed. :raises: utils.Error """ introspection_data_manager = plugins_base.introspection_data_manager() store = CONF.processing.store_data ext = introspection_data_manager[store].obj, data, processed)
def _store_unprocessed_data(node_uuid, data): try: store_introspection_data(node_uuid, data, processed=False) except Exception: LOG.exception('Encountered exception saving unprocessed ' 'introspection data for node %s', node_uuid, data=data)
[docs] def get_introspection_data(uuid, processed=True, get_json=False): """Get introspection data from the storage backend. :param uuid: node UUID :param processed: Indicates the type of introspection data to be read, set True to request processed introspection data. :param get_json: Specify whether return the introspection data in json format, string value is returned if False. :raises: utils.Error """ introspection_data_manager = plugins_base.introspection_data_manager() store = CONF.processing.store_data ext = introspection_data_manager[store].obj return ext.get(uuid, processed=processed, get_json=get_json)
[docs] def process(introspection_data): """Process data from the ramdisk. This function heavily relies on the hooks to do the actual data processing. """ unprocessed_data = copy.deepcopy(introspection_data) failures = [] _run_pre_hooks(introspection_data, failures) node_info = _find_node_info(introspection_data, failures) if node_info: # Locking is already done in find_node() but may be not done in a # node_not_found hook node_info.acquire_lock() if failures or node_info is None: msg = _('The following failures happened during running ' 'pre-processing hooks:\n%s') % '\n'.join(failures) if node_info is not None: node_info.finished(istate.Events.error, error='\n'.join(failures)) _store_logs(introspection_data, node_info) raise utils.Error(msg, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data)'Matching node is %s', node_info.uuid, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) if node_info.finished_at is not None: # race condition or introspection canceled raise utils.Error(_('Node processing already finished with ' 'error: %s') % node_info.error, node_info=node_info, code=400) # NOTE(TheJulia): this was previously called as a background # process, but we can't do that with sqlite. _store_unprocessed_data(node_info.uuid, unprocessed_data) try: node = node_info.node() except ir_utils.NotFound as exc: with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception(): node_info.finished(istate.Events.error, error=str(exc)) _store_logs(introspection_data, node_info) try: result = _process_node(node_info, node, introspection_data) except utils.Error as exc: node_info.finished(istate.Events.error, error=str(exc)) with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception(): _store_logs(introspection_data, node_info) except Exception as exc: LOG.exception('Unexpected exception during processing') msg = _('Unexpected exception %(exc_class)s during processing: ' '%(error)s') % {'exc_class': exc.__class__.__name__, 'error': exc} node_info.finished(istate.Events.error, error=msg) _store_logs(introspection_data, node_info) raise utils.Error(msg, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data, code=500) if CONF.processing.always_store_ramdisk_logs: _store_logs(introspection_data, node_info) return result
def _run_post_hooks(node_info, introspection_data): hooks = plugins_base.processing_hooks_manager() for hook_ext in hooks: LOG.debug('Running post-processing hook %s',, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) hook_ext.obj.before_update(introspection_data, node_info) @node_cache.fsm_transition(istate.Events.process, reentrant=False) def _process_node(node_info, node, introspection_data): # NOTE(dtantsur): repeat the check in case something changed keep_power_on = ir_utils.check_provision_state(node) _run_post_hooks(node_info, introspection_data) store_introspection_data(node_info.uuid, introspection_data) ironic = ir_utils.get_client() pxe_filter.driver().sync(ironic) node_info.invalidate_cache() rules.apply(node_info, introspection_data) resp = {'uuid':} # determine how to handle power if keep_power_on or not node_info.manage_boot: power_action = False else: power_action = CONF.processing.power_off utils.executor().submit(_finish, node_info, ironic, introspection_data, power_off=power_action) return resp @node_cache.triggers_fsm_error_transition() def _finish(node_info, ironic, introspection_data, power_off=True): if power_off: LOG.debug('Forcing power off of node %s', node_info.uuid) try: ironic.set_node_power_state(node_info.uuid, 'power off') except Exception as exc: if node_info.node().provision_state == 'enroll':"Failed to power off the node in" "'enroll' state, ignoring; error was " "%s", exc, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) else: msg = (_('Failed to power off node %(node)s, check ' 'its power management configuration: ' '%(exc)s') % {'node': node_info.uuid, 'exc': exc}) raise utils.Error(msg, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data)'Node powered-off', node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) node_info.finished(istate.Events.finish)'Introspection finished successfully', node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data)
[docs] def reapply(node_uuid, data=None): """Re-apply introspection steps. Re-apply preprocessing, postprocessing and introspection rules on stored data. :param node_uuid: node UUID :param data: unprocessed introspection data to be reapplied :raises: utils.Error """ LOG.debug('Processing re-apply introspection request for node ' 'UUID: %s', node_uuid) node_info = node_cache.get_node(node_uuid) if not node_info.acquire_lock(blocking=False): # Note (mkovacik): it should be sufficient to check data # presence & locking. If either introspection didn't start # yet, was in waiting state or didn't finish yet, either data # won't be available or locking would fail raise utils.Error(_('Node locked, please, try again later'), node_info=node_info, code=409) utils.executor().submit(_reapply, node_info, introspection_data=data)
def _reapply(node_info, introspection_data=None): # runs in background node_info.started_at = timeutils.utcnow() node_info.commit() try: ironic = ir_utils.get_client() except Exception as exc: msg = _('Encountered an exception while getting the Ironic client: ' '%s') % exc LOG.error(msg, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) node_info.finished(istate.Events.error, error=msg) return try: _reapply_with_data(node_info, introspection_data) except Exception as exc: msg = (_('Failed reapply for node %(node)s, Error: ' '%(exc)s') % {'node': node_info.uuid, 'exc': exc}) LOG.error(msg, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) return _finish(node_info, ironic, introspection_data, power_off=False)'Successfully reapplied introspection on stored ' 'data', node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) @node_cache.fsm_event_before(istate.Events.reapply) @node_cache.triggers_fsm_error_transition() def _reapply_with_data(node_info, introspection_data): failures = [] _run_pre_hooks(introspection_data, failures) if failures: raise utils.Error(_('Pre-processing failures detected reapplying ' 'introspection on stored data:\n%s') % '\n'.join(failures), node_info=node_info) _run_post_hooks(node_info, introspection_data) store_introspection_data(node_info.uuid, introspection_data) node_info.invalidate_cache() rules.apply(node_info, introspection_data)