ironic_inspector.plugins.base_physnet module

class ironic_inspector.plugins.base_physnet.BasePhysnetHook[source]

Bases: ironic_inspector.plugins.base.ProcessingHook

Base class for plugins that assign a physical network to ports.

The mechanism for mapping a port to a physical network should be provided by a subclass via the get_physnet() method.

before_update(introspection_data, node_info, **kwargs)[source]

Process introspection data and patch port physical network.

abstract get_physnet(port, iface_name, introspection_data)[source]

Return a physical network to apply to a port.

Subclasses should implement this method to determine how to map a port to a physical network.

  • port – The ironic port to patch.

  • iface_name – Name of the interface.

  • introspection_data – Introspection data.


The physical network to set, or None.