ironic_inspector.plugins.extra_hardware module

Plugin to store extra hardware information in Swift.

Stores the value of the ‘data’ key returned by the ramdisk as a JSON encoded string in a Swift object. The object is named ‘extra_hardware-<node uuid>’ and is stored in the ‘inspector’ container.

class ironic_inspector.plugins.extra_hardware.ExtraHardwareHook[source]

Bases: ironic_inspector.plugins.base.ProcessingHook

Processing hook for saving extra hardware information in Swift.

before_update(introspection_data, node_info, **kwargs)[source]

Stores the ‘data’ key from introspection_data in Swift.

If the ‘data’ key exists, updates Ironic extra column ‘hardware_swift_object’ key to the name of the Swift object, and stores the data in the ‘inspector’ container in Swift.

Otherwise, it does nothing.