ironic_python_agent.hardware_managers.mlnx module

class ironic_python_agent.hardware_managers.mlnx.MellanoxDeviceHardwareManager[source]

Bases: HardwareManager

Mellanox hardware manager to support a single device

HARDWARE_MANAGER_NAME = 'MellanoxDeviceHardwareManager'

Declare level of hardware support provided.

get_clean_steps(node, ports)[source]

Get a list of clean steps with priority.

  • node – The node object as provided by Ironic.

  • ports – Port objects as provided by Ironic.


A list of cleaning steps, as a list of dicts.

get_deploy_steps(node, ports)[source]

Alias wrapper for method get_clean_steps.


Return the interface information when its Mellanox and InfiniBand

In case of Mellanox and InfiniBand interface we do the following:
  1. Calculate the “InfiniBand MAC” according to InfiniBand GUID

  2. Calculate the client-id according to InfiniBand GUID

get_service_steps(node, ports)[source]

Alias wrapper for method get_clean_steps.

update_nvidia_nic_firmware_image(node, ports, images)[source]
update_nvidia_nic_firmware_settings(node, ports, settings)[source]