Inspector Support

Ironic supports in-band inspection using the ironic-inspector project. This is the original in-band inspection implementation, which is being gradually phased out in favour of a similar implementation inside Ironic proper.

It is supported by all hardware types, and used by default, if enabled, by the ipmi hardware type. The inspector inspect interface has to be enabled to use it:

enabled_inspect_interfaces = inspector,no-inspect

If the ironic-inspector service is not registered in the service catalog, set the following option:

endpoint_override =

In order to ensure that ports in Bare Metal service are synchronized with NIC ports on the node, the following settings in the ironic-inspector configuration file must be set:

add_ports = all
keep_ports = present

Managed and unmanaged inspection

There are two modes of in-band inspection: managed inspection and unmanaged inspection. See Managed and unmanaged inspection for more details.