Configure the Image service for temporary URLs

Some drivers of the Baremetal service (in particular, any drivers using Direct deploy or Ansible deploy interfaces, and some virtual media drivers) require target user images to be available over clean HTTP(S) URL with no authentication involved (neither username/password-based, nor token-based).

When using the Baremetal service integrated in OpenStack, this can be achieved by specific configuration of the Image service and Object Storage service as described below.

  1. Configure the Image service to have object storage as a backend for storing images. For more details, please refer to the Image service configuration guide.


    When using Ceph+RadosGW for Object Storage service, images stored in Image service must be available over Object Storage service as well.

  2. Enable TempURLs for the Object Storage account used by the Image service for storing images in the Object Storage service.

    1. Check if TempURLs are enabled:

      # executed under credentials of the user used by Image service
      # to access Object Storage service
      $ openstack object store account show
      | Field      | Value                                 |
      | Account    | AUTH_bc39f1d9dcf9486899088007789ae643 |
      | Bytes      | 536661727                             |
      | Containers | 1                                     |
      | Objects    | 19                                    |
      | properties | Temp-Url-Key='secret'                 |
    2. If property Temp-Url-Key is set, note its value.

    3. If property Temp-Url-Key is not set, you have to configure it (secret is used in the example below for the value):

      $ openstack object store account set --property Temp-Url-Key=secret
  3. Optionally, configure the ironic-conductor service. The default configuration assumes that:

    1. the Object Storage service is implemented by swift,

    2. the Object Storage service URL is available from the service catalog,

    3. the project, used by the Image service to access the Object Storage, is the same as the project, used by the Bare Metal service to access it,

    4. the container, used by the Image service, is called glance.

    If any of these assumptions do not hold, you may want to change your configuration file (typically located at /etc/ironic/ironic.conf), for example:

    swift_endpoint_url = http://openstack/swift
    swift_account = AUTH_bc39f1d9dcf9486899088007789ae643
    swift_container = glance
    swift_temp_url_key = secret
  4. (Re)start the ironic-conductor service.