Source code for ironic.drivers.modules.drac.inspect

# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.

DRAC inspection interface

from ironic_lib import metrics_utils
from oslo_log import log as logging
from oslo_utils import importutils
from oslo_utils import units

from ironic.common import boot_modes
from ironic.common import exception
from ironic.common.i18n import _
from ironic.common import states
from ironic.common import utils
from ironic.drivers import base
from ironic.drivers.modules.drac import common as drac_common
from ironic.drivers.modules.drac import utils as drac_utils
from ironic.drivers.modules import inspect_utils
from ironic.drivers.modules.redfish import inspect as redfish_inspect
from ironic.drivers.modules.redfish import utils as redfish_utils
from ironic import objects

drac_exceptions = importutils.try_import('dracclient.exceptions')

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)

METRICS = metrics_utils.get_metrics_logger(__name__)

_PXE_DEV_ENABLED_INTERFACES = [('PxeDev1EnDis', 'PxeDev1Interface'),
                               ('PxeDev2EnDis', 'PxeDev2Interface'),
                               ('PxeDev3EnDis', 'PxeDev3Interface'),
                               ('PxeDev4EnDis', 'PxeDev4Interface')]

[docs] class DracRedfishInspect(redfish_inspect.RedfishInspect): """iDRAC Redfish interface for inspection-related actions."""
[docs] def inspect_hardware(self, task): """Inspect hardware to get the hardware properties. Inspects hardware to get the essential properties. It fails if any of the essential properties are not received from the node. :param task: a TaskManager instance. :raises: HardwareInspectionFailure if essential properties could not be retrieved successfully. :returns: The resulting state of inspection. """ # Ensure we create a port for every NIC port found for consistency # with our WSMAN inspect behavior and to work around a bug in some # versions of the firmware where the port state is not being # reported correctly. ethernet_interfaces_mac = list(self._get_mac_address(task).values()) inspect_utils.create_ports_if_not_exist(task, ethernet_interfaces_mac) return super(DracRedfishInspect, self).inspect_hardware(task)
def _get_mac_address(self, task): """Get a list of MAC addresses :param task: a TaskManager instance. :returns: a mapping of interface identities to MAC addresses. """ system = redfish_utils.get_system(task.node) # Get dictionary of ethernet interfaces if system.ethernet_interfaces and system.ethernet_interfaces.summary: ethernet_interfaces = system.ethernet_interfaces.get_members() ethernet_interfaces_mac = { interface.identity: interface.mac_address for interface in ethernet_interfaces} return ethernet_interfaces_mac else: return {} def _get_pxe_port_macs(self, task): """Get a list of PXE port MAC addresses. :param task: a TaskManager instance. :returns: Returns list of PXE port MAC addresses. """ system = redfish_utils.get_system(task.node) ethernet_interfaces_mac = self._get_mac_address(task) pxe_port_macs = [] if system.boot.mode == boot_modes.UEFI: # When a server is in UEFI boot mode, the PXE NIC ports are # stored in the PxeDevXEnDis and PxeDevXInterface BIOS # settings. Get the PXE NIC ports from these settings and # their MAC addresses. for param, nic in _PXE_DEV_ENABLED_INTERFACES: if system.bios.attributes[param] == _BIOS_ENABLED_VALUE: nic_id = system.bios.attributes[nic] # Get MAC address of the given nic_id mac_address = ethernet_interfaces_mac[nic_id] pxe_port_macs.append(mac_address) elif system.boot.mode == boot_modes.LEGACY_BIOS: # When a server is in BIOS boot mode, whether or not a # NIC port is set to PXE boot is stored on the NIC port # itself internally to the BMC. Getting this information # requires using an OEM extension to export the system # configuration, as the redfish standard does not specify # how to get it, and Dell does not have OEM redfish calls # to selectively retrieve it at this time. # Get instance of Sushy OEM manager object pxe_port_macs_list = drac_utils.execute_oem_manager_method( task, 'get PXE port MAC addresses', lambda m: m.get_pxe_port_macs_bios(ethernet_interfaces_mac)) pxe_port_macs = [mac for mac in pxe_port_macs_list] return pxe_port_macs
[docs] class DracWSManInspect(base.InspectInterface): _GPU_SUPPORTED_LIST = {"TU104GL [Tesla T4]", "GV100GL [Tesla V100 PCIe 16GB]"}
[docs] def get_properties(self): """Return the properties of the interface. :returns: dictionary of <property name>:<property description> entries. """ return drac_common.COMMON_PROPERTIES
[docs] @METRICS.timer('DracInspect.validate') def validate(self, task): """Validate the driver-specific info supplied. This method validates whether the 'driver_info' property of the supplied node contains the required information for this driver to manage the node. :param task: a TaskManager instance containing the node to act on. :raises: InvalidParameterValue if required driver_info attribute is missing or invalid on the node. """ return drac_common.parse_driver_info(task.node)
[docs] @METRICS.timer('DracInspect.inspect_hardware') def inspect_hardware(self, task): """Inspect hardware. Inspect hardware to obtain the essential & additional hardware properties. :param task: a TaskManager instance containing the node to act on. :raises: HardwareInspectionFailure, if unable to get essential hardware properties. :returns: states.MANAGEABLE """ node = task.node client = drac_common.get_drac_client(node) properties = {} try: properties['memory_mb'] = sum( [memory.size_mb for memory in client.list_memory()]) cpus = client.list_cpus() if cpus: properties['cpu_arch'] = 'x86_64' if cpus[0].arch64 else 'x86' bios_settings = client.list_bios_settings() video_controllers = client.list_video_controllers() current_capabilities ='capabilities', '') new_capabilities = { 'boot_mode': bios_settings["BootMode"].current_value.lower(), 'pci_gpu_devices': self._calculate_gpus(video_controllers)} capabilities = utils.get_updated_capabilities(current_capabilities, new_capabilities) properties['capabilities'] = capabilities virtual_disks = client.list_virtual_disks() root_disk = self._guess_root_disk(virtual_disks) if root_disk: properties['local_gb'] = int(root_disk.size_mb / units.Ki) else: physical_disks = client.list_physical_disks() root_disk = self._guess_root_disk(physical_disks) if root_disk: properties['local_gb'] = int( root_disk.size_mb / units.Ki) except drac_exceptions.BaseClientException as exc: LOG.error('DRAC driver failed to introspect node ' '%(node_uuid)s. Reason: %(error)s.', {'node_uuid': node.uuid, 'error': exc}) raise exception.HardwareInspectionFailure(error=exc) valid_keys = self.ESSENTIAL_PROPERTIES missing_keys = valid_keys - set(properties) if missing_keys: error = (_('Failed to discover the following properties: ' '%(missing_keys)s') % {'missing_keys': ', '.join(missing_keys)}) raise exception.HardwareInspectionFailure(error=error) = dict(, **properties) try: nics = client.list_nics() except drac_exceptions.BaseClientException as exc: LOG.error('DRAC driver failed to introspect node ' '%(node_uuid)s. Reason: %(error)s.', {'node_uuid': node.uuid, 'error': exc}) raise exception.HardwareInspectionFailure(error=exc) pxe_dev_nics = self._get_pxe_dev_nics(client, nics, node) if pxe_dev_nics is None: LOG.warning('No PXE enabled NIC was found for node ' '%(node_uuid)s.', {'node_uuid': node.uuid}) for nic in nics: try: port = objects.Port(task.context, address=nic.mac,, pxe_enabled=( in pxe_dev_nics)) port.create()'Port created with MAC address %(mac)s ' 'for node %(node_uuid)s during inspection', {'mac': nic.mac, 'node_uuid': node.uuid}) except exception.MACAlreadyExists: LOG.warning('Failed to create a port with MAC address ' '%(mac)s when inspecting the node ' '%(node_uuid)s because the address is already ' 'registered', {'mac': nic.mac, 'node_uuid': node.uuid})'Node %s successfully inspected.', node.uuid) return states.MANAGEABLE
def _guess_root_disk(self, disks, min_size_required_mb=4 * units.Ki): """Find a root disk. :param disks: list of disks. :param min_size_required_mb: minimum required size of the root disk in megabytes. :returns: root disk. """ disks.sort(key=lambda disk: disk.size_mb) for disk in disks: if disk.size_mb >= min_size_required_mb: return disk def _calculate_gpus(self, video_controllers): """Find actual GPU count. This method reports number of NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU devices present on the server. :param video_controllers: list of video controllers. :returns: returns total gpu count. """ gpu_cnt = 0 for video_controller in video_controllers: for gpu in self._GPU_SUPPORTED_LIST: if video_controller.description == gpu: gpu_cnt += 1 return gpu_cnt def _get_pxe_dev_nics(self, client, nics, node): """Get a list of pxe device interfaces. :param client: Dracclient to list the bios settings and nics :param nics: list of nics :returns: Returns list of pxe device interfaces. """ pxe_dev_nics = [] pxe_params = ["PxeDev1EnDis", "PxeDev2EnDis", "PxeDev3EnDis", "PxeDev4EnDis"] pxe_nics = ["PxeDev1Interface", "PxeDev2Interface", "PxeDev3Interface", "PxeDev4Interface"] try: bios_settings = client.list_bios_settings() except drac_exceptions.BaseClientException as exc: LOG.error('DRAC driver failed to list bios settings ' 'for %(node_uuid)s. Reason: %(error)s.', {'node_uuid': node.uuid, 'error': exc}) raise exception.HardwareInspectionFailure(error=exc) if bios_settings["BootMode"].current_value == "Uefi": for param, nic in zip(pxe_params, pxe_nics): if param in bios_settings and bios_settings[ param].current_value == "Enabled": pxe_dev_nics.append( bios_settings[nic].current_value) elif bios_settings["BootMode"].current_value == "Bios": for nic in nics: try: nic_cap = client.list_nic_settings( except drac_exceptions.BaseClientException as exc: LOG.error('DRAC driver failed to list nic settings ' 'for %(node_uuid)s. Reason: %(error)s.', {'node_uuid': node.uuid, 'error': exc}) raise exception.HardwareInspectionFailure(error=exc) if ("LegacyBootProto" in nic_cap and nic_cap[ 'LegacyBootProto'].current_value == "PXE"): pxe_dev_nics.append( return pxe_dev_nics
[docs] class DracInspect(DracWSManInspect): """Class alias of class DracWSManInspect. This class provides ongoing support of the deprecated 'idrac' inspect interface implementation entrypoint. All bug fixes and new features should be implemented in its base class, DracWSManInspect. That makes them available to both the deprecated 'idrac' and new 'idrac-wsman' entrypoints. Such changes should not be made to this class. """ def __init__(self): super(DracInspect, self).__init__() LOG.warning("Inspect interface 'idrac' is deprecated and may be " "removed in a future release. Use 'idrac-wsman' instead.")