In-Band Inspection

In-band inspection involves booting a ramdisk on the target node and fetching information directly from it. This process is more fragile and time-consuming than the out-of-band inspection, but it is not vendor-specific and works across a wide range of hardware.

In the 2023.2 “Bobcat” release series, Ironic received an experimental implementation of in-band inspection that does not require the separate ironic-inspector service.


The implementation described in this document is not 100% compatible with the previous one (based on ironic-inspector). Check the documentation and the release notes for which features are currently available.

Use Inspector Support for production deployments of Ironic 2023.2 or earlier releases.


In-band inspection is supported by all hardware types. The agent inspect interface has to be enabled to use it:

enabled_inspect_interfaces = agent,no-inspect

You can make it the default if you want all nodes to use it automatically:

default_inspect_interface = agent

Of course, you can configure it per node:

$ baremetal node set --inspect-interface agent <NODE>