ironic.api.controllers.v1.collection module

ironic.api.controllers.v1.collection.get_next(collection, limit, url, key_field='uuid', **kwargs)[source]

Return a link to the next subset of the collection.

ironic.api.controllers.v1.collection.has_next(collection, limit)[source]

Return whether collection has more items.

Build a collection dict including the next link for paging support.

  • items – List of unsanitized items to include in the collection

  • item_name – Name of dict key for items value

  • limit – Paging limit

  • url – Base URL for building next link

  • fields – Optional fields to use for sanitize function

  • sanitize_func – Optional sanitize function run on each item, item changes will be done in-place

  • key_field – Key name for building next URL

  • sanitizer_args – Dictionary with additional arguments to be passed to the sanitizer.

  • kwargs – other arguments passed to get_next


A dict containing item_name and next values