ironic.common.boot_devices module

Mapping of boot devices used when requesting the system to boot from an alternate device.

The options presented were based on the IPMItool chassis bootdev command. You can find the documentation at:

NOTE: This module does not include all the options from ipmitool because they don’t make sense in the limited context of Ironic right now.

ironic.common.boot_devices.BIOS = 'bios'

Boot into BIOS setup

ironic.common.boot_devices.CDROM = 'cdrom'

Boot from CD/DVD

ironic.common.boot_devices.DISK = 'disk'

Boot from default Hard-drive

ironic.common.boot_devices.FLOPPY = 'floppy'

Boot from a floppy drive

ironic.common.boot_devices.ISCSIBOOT = 'iscsiboot'

Boot from iSCSI volume

ironic.common.boot_devices.PXE = 'pxe'

Boot from PXE boot

ironic.common.boot_devices.SAFE = 'safe'

Boot from default Hard-drive, request Safe Mode

ironic.common.boot_devices.UEFIHTTP = 'uefihttp'

Boot from a UEFI HTTP(s) URL

ironic.common.boot_devices.VMEDIA_DEVICES = ['disk', 'cdrom', 'floppy']

Devices that make sense for virtual media attachment.

ironic.common.boot_devices.WANBOOT = 'wanboot'

Boot from Wide Area Network