ironic.common.profiler module

ironic.common.profiler.setup(name, host='')[source]

Setup OSprofiler notifier and enable profiling.

  • name – name of the service that will be profiled

  • host – hostname or host IP address that the service will be running on. By default host will be set to, but specifying host name / address usage is highly recommended.


TypeError – in case of invalid connection string for a notifier backend, which is set in osprofiler.initializer.init_from_conf.

ironic.common.profiler.trace_cls(name, **kwargs)[source]

Wrap the OSProfiler trace_cls decorator

Wrap the OSProfiler trace_cls decorator so that it will not try to patch the class unless OSProfiler is present and enabled in the config

  • name – The name of action. For example, wsgi, rpc, db, etc..

  • kwargs – Any other keyword args used by profiler.trace_cls