ironic.conductor.base_manager module

Base conductor manager functionality.

class ironic.conductor.base_manager.BaseConductorManager(host, topic)[source]

Bases: object

init_host(admin_context=None, start_consoles=True, start_allocations=True)[source]

Initialize the conductor host.

  • admin_context – the admin context to pass to periodic tasks.

  • start_consoles – If consoles should be started in intialization.

  • start_allocations – If allocations should be started in initialization.


RuntimeError when conductor is already running.


NoDriversLoaded when no drivers are enabled on the conductor.


DriverNotFound if a driver is enabled that does not exist.


DriverLoadError if an enabled driver cannot be loaded.


DriverNameConflict if a classic driver and a dynamic driver are both enabled and have the same name.

iter_nodes(fields=None, **kwargs)[source]

Iterate over nodes mapped to this conductor.

Requests node set from and filters out nodes that are not mapped to this conductor.

Yields tuples (node_uuid, driver, conductor_group, …) where … is derived from fields argument, e.g.: fields=None means yielding (‘uuid’, ‘driver’, ‘conductor_group’), fields=[‘foo’] means yielding (‘uuid’, ‘driver’, ‘conductor_group’, ‘foo’).

  • fields – list of fields to fetch in addition to uuid, driver, and conductor_group

  • kwargs – additional arguments to pass to dbapi when looking for nodes


generator yielding tuples of requested fields


Prepares host for initialization

Prepares the conductor for basic operation by removing any existing transitory node power states and reservations which were previously held by this host.

Under normal operation, this is also when the initial database connectivity is established for the conductor’s normal operation.