ironic.conductor.deployments module

Functionality related to deploying and undeploying.

ironic.conductor.deployments.do_next_deploy_step(task, step_index, conductor_id)[source]

Do deployment, starting from the specified deploy step.

  • task – a TaskManager instance with an exclusive lock

  • step_index – The first deploy step in the list to execute. This is the index (from 0) into the list of deploy steps in the node’s driver_internal_info[‘deploy_steps’]. Is None if there are no steps to execute.

ironic.conductor.deployments.do_node_deploy(task, conductor_id=None, configdrive=None)[source]

Prepare the environment and deploy a node.

ironic.conductor.deployments.start_deploy(task, manager, configdrive=None, event='deploy')[source]

Start deployment or rebuilding on a node.

This function does not check the node suitability for deployment, it’s left up to the caller.

  • task – a TaskManager instance.

  • manager – a ConductorManager to run tasks on.

  • configdrive – a configdrive, if requested.

  • event – event to process: deploy or rebuild.

ironic.conductor.deployments.validate_node(task, event='deploy')[source]

Validate that a node is suitable for deployment/rebuilding.

  • task – a TaskManager instance.

  • event – event to process: deploy or rebuild.


NodeInMaintenance, NodeProtected, InvalidStateRequested