ironic.drivers.modules.ilo.vendor module

Vendor Interface for iLO drivers and its supporting methods.

class ironic.drivers.modules.ilo.vendor.VendorPassthru(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: RedfishVendorPassthru

Vendor-specific interfaces for iLO deploy drivers.

boot_into_iso(task, **kwargs)[source]

Attaches an ISO image in glance and reboots bare metal.

This method accepts an ISO image href (a Glance UUID or an HTTP(S) URL) attaches it as virtual media and then reboots the node. This is useful for debugging purposes. This can be invoked only when the node is in manage state.

  • task – A TaskManager object.

  • kwargs

    The arguments sent with vendor passthru. The expected kwargs are:

    'boot_iso_href': href of the image to be booted. This can be
        a Glance UUID or an HTTP(S) URL.

validate(task, method, **kwargs)[source]

Validate vendor-specific actions.

Checks if a valid vendor passthru method was passed and validates the parameters for the vendor passthru method.

  • task – a TaskManager instance containing the node to act on.

  • method – method to be validated.

  • kwargs – kwargs containing the vendor passthru method’s parameters.


MissingParameterValue, if some required parameters were not passed.


InvalidParameterValue, if any of the parameters have invalid value.


IloOperationNotSupported, if the driver does not support the given operation with ilo vendor interface.