ironic.drivers.modules.irmc.inspect module

iRMC Inspect Interface

class ironic.drivers.modules.irmc.inspect.IRMCInspect(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: InspectInterface

Interface for out of band inspection.


Return the properties of the interface.


dictionary of <property name>:<property description> entries.


Inspect hardware.

Inspect hardware to obtain the essential hardware properties and mac addresses.


task – a task from TaskManager.


HardwareInspectionFailure, if hardware inspection failed.


states.MANAGEABLE, if hardware inspection succeeded.


Validate the driver-specific inspection information.

This method validates whether the ‘driver_info’ property of the supplied node contains the required information for this driver.


task – a TaskManager instance containing the node to act on.


InvalidParameterValue if required driver_info attribute is missing or invalid on the node.


MissingParameterValue if a required parameter is missing.

ironic.drivers.modules.irmc.inspect.METRICS = <ironic_lib.metrics.NoopMetricLogger object>

SC2.mib: sc2UnitNodeClass returns NIC type.

sc2UnitNodeClass OBJECT-TYPE

SYNTAX INTEGER { unknown(1), primary(2), secondary(3), management-blade(4), secondary-remote(5), secondary-remote-backup(6), baseboard-controller(7) } ACCESS read-only STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION “Management node class: primary: local operating system interface secondary: local management controller LAN interface management-blade: management blade interface (in a blade server chassis) secondary-remote: remote management controller (in an RSB concentrator environment) secondary-remote-backup: backup remote management controller baseboard-controller: local baseboard management controller (BMC)” ::= { sc2ManagementNodes 8 }

ironic.drivers.modules.irmc.inspect.NODE_CLASS_OID = ''

SC2.mib: sc2UnitNodeMacAddress returns NIC MAC address

sc2UnitNodeMacAddress OBJECT-TYPE

SYNTAX PhysAddress ACCESS read-only STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION “Management node hardware (MAC) address” ::= { sc2ManagementNodes 9 }