Third Party Continuous Integration


This document is a work-in-progress. Unfilled sections will be worked in follow-up patchsets. This version is to get a basic outline and index done so that we can then build on it. (krtaylor)

This document provides tips and guidelines for third-party driver developers setting up their continuous integration test systems.

CI Architecture Overview

Requirements Cookbook



This section describes what changes you’ll need to make to a your CI system to add an ironic job.

jenkins changes

nodepool changes

neutron changes

pre-test hook

cleanup hook


Hardware Pool Management


If you are using actual hardware as target machines for your CI testing then the problem of two jobs trying to use the name target arises. If you have one target machine and a maximum number of one jobs running on your ironic pipeline at a time, then you won’t run into this problem. However, one target may not handle the load of ironic’s daily patch submissions.


Zuul v3

Molten Iron

molteniron is a tool that allows you to reserve hardware from a pool at the last minute to use in your job. Once finished testing, you can unreserve the hardware making it available for the next test job.

Tips and Tricks

Optimize Run Time

Image Server

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