Enabling drivers

Enabling drivers

Ironic-Python-Agent (agent)

Ironic-Python-Agent is an agent that handles ironic bare metal nodes in various actions such as inspection and deployment of such nodes, and runs processes inside of a ramdisk.

For more information on this, see Ironic Python Agent.

IPMITool driver

DRAC driver

DRAC with PXE deploy

  • Add pxe_drac to the list of enabled_drivers in /etc/ironic/ironic.conf
  • Install python-dracclient package

SNMP driver

iLO driver

iRMC driver

Cisco UCS driver

CIMC driver

OneView driver

Redfish driver

Unsupported drivers

The following drivers were declared as unsupported in ironic Newton release and as of Ocata release they are removed form ironic:

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