The ironic.common.dhcp_factory Module

The ironic.common.dhcp_factory Module

class ironic.common.dhcp_factory.DHCPFactory(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: object


Clean up the DHCP BOOT options for this node.

Parameters:task – A TaskManager instance.
update_dhcp(task, dhcp_opts, ports=None)[source]

Send or update the DHCP BOOT options for this node.

  • task – A TaskManager instance.
  • dhcp_opts

    this will be a list of dicts, e.g.

    [{'opt_name': '67',
      'opt_value': 'pxelinux.0'},
     {'opt_name': '66',
      'opt_value': ''}]
  • ports

    A dict with keys ‘ports’ and ‘portgroups’ and dicts as values. Each dict has key/value pairs of the form <ironic UUID>:<neutron port UUID>. e.g.

    {'ports': {'port.uuid':},
     'portgroups': {'portgroup.uuid':}}

    If the value is None, will get the list of ports/portgroups from the Ironic port/portgroup objects.

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