The ironic.drivers.drac Module

The ironic.drivers.drac Module

DRAC Driver for remote system management using Dell Remote Access Card.

class ironic.drivers.drac.IDRACHardware[source]

Bases: ironic.drivers.generic.GenericHardware

integrated Dell Remote Access Controller hardware type

class ironic.drivers.drac.PXEDracDriver[source]

Bases: ironic.drivers.base.BaseDriver

DRAC driver using PXE for deploy.

classmethod to_hardware_type()[source]
class ironic.drivers.drac.PXEDracInspectorDriver[source]

Bases: ironic.drivers.drac.PXEDracDriver

Drac driver using PXE for deploy and OOB inspection interface.

classmethod to_hardware_type()[source]
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