The ironic.drivers.modules.inspector Module

The ironic.drivers.modules.inspector Module

Modules required to work with ironic_inspector:
class ironic.drivers.modules.inspector.Inspector[source]

Bases: ironic.drivers.base.InspectInterface

In-band inspection via ironic-inspector project.

classmethod create_if_enabled(driver_name)[source]

Create instance of Inspector if it’s enabled.

Reports log warning with given driver_name if it’s not.

Returns:Inspector instance or None

Return the properties of the interface.

Returns:dictionary of <property name>:<property description> entries.

Inspect hardware to obtain the hardware properties.

This particular implementation only starts inspection using ironic-inspector. Results will be checked in a periodic task.

Parameters:task – a task from TaskManager.

Validate the driver-specific inspection information.

If invalid, raises an exception; otherwise returns None.

Parameters:task – a task from TaskManager.
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