The Module

The Module


Bases: ironic.drivers.base.ManagementInterface

get_boot_device(*args, **kwargs)
get_sensors_data(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Get sensors data.

Not implemented by this driver. :param task: a TaskManager instance.

get_supported_boot_devices(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Gets a list of the supported boot devices.

Parameters:task – a task from TaskManager.
Returns:A list with the supported boot devices defined in ironic.common.boot_devices.
set_boot_device(*args, **kwargs)
validate(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Checks required info on ‘driver_info’ and validates node with OneView

Validates whether the ‘driver_info’ property of the supplied task’s node contains the required info such as server_hardware_uri, server_hardware_type, server_profile_template_uri and enclosure_group_uri. Also, checks if the server profile of the node is applied, if NICs are valid for the server profile of the node, and if the server hardware attributes (ram, memory, vcpus count) are consistent with OneView.

Parameters:task – a task from TaskManager.
Raises:InvalidParameterValue if parameters set are inconsistent with resources in OneView
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