The ironic.objects.conductor Module

The ironic.objects.conductor Module

class ironic.objects.conductor.Conductor(context=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: ironic.objects.base.IronicObject, oslo_versionedobjects.base.VersionedObjectDictCompat

classmethod get_by_hostname(context, hostname)[source]

Get a Conductor record by its hostname.

  • cls – the Conductor
  • context – Security context
  • hostname – the hostname on which a Conductor is running

a Conductor object.


Loads and applies updates for this Conductor.

Loads a Conductor with the same uuid from the database and checks for updated attributes. Updates are applied from the loaded chassis column by column, if there are any updates.

Parameters:context – Security context. NOTE: This should only be used internally by the indirection_api. Unfortunately, RPC requires context as the first argument, even though we don’t use it. A context should be set when instantiating the object, e.g.: Conductor(context)
classmethod register(context, hostname, drivers, update_existing=False)[source]

Register an active conductor with the cluster.

  • cls – the Conductor
  • context – Security context
  • hostname – the hostname on which the conductor will run
  • drivers – the list of drivers enabled in the conductor
  • update_existing – When false, registration will raise an exception when a conflicting online record is found. When true, will overwrite the existing record. Default: False.



a Conductor object.

register_hardware_interfaces(hardware_type, interface_type, interfaces, default_interface)[source]

Register hardware interfaces with the conductor.

  • hardware_type – Name of hardware type for the interfaces.
  • interface_type – Type of interfaces, e.g. ‘deploy’ or ‘boot’.
  • interfaces – List of interface names to register.
  • default_interface – String, the default interface for this hardware type and interface type.

Save is not supported by Conductor objects.


Touch this conductor’s DB record, marking it as up-to-date.


Remove this conductor from the service registry.


Unregister all hardware interfaces for this conductor.

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