The ironic.tests.unit.drivers.third_party_driver_mocks Module

The ironic.tests.unit.drivers.third_party_driver_mocks Module

This module detects whether third-party libraries, utilized by third-party drivers, are present on the system. If they are not, it mocks them and tinkers with sys.modules so that the drivers can be loaded by unit tests, and the unit tests can continue to test the functionality of those drivers without the respective external libraries’ actually being present.

Any external library required by a third-party driver should be mocked here. Current list of mocked libraries:

  • proliantutils
  • pysnmp
  • scciclient
  • hpOneView
  • pywsman
  • python-dracclient
exception ironic.tests.unit.drivers.third_party_driver_mocks.DRACOperationFailed(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: ironic.tests.unit.drivers.third_party_driver_mocks.DRACRequestFailed

exception ironic.tests.unit.drivers.third_party_driver_mocks.MockKwargsException(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception


alias of IloCommandNotSupportedError

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