iBMC driver


The ibmc driver is targeted for Huawei V5 series rack server such as 2288H V5, CH121 V5. The iBMC hardware type enables the user to take advantage of features of Huawei iBMC to control Huawei server.


The HUAWEI iBMC Client library should be installed on the ironic conductor


For example, it can be installed with pip:

sudo pip install python-ibmcclient

Enabling the iBMC driver

  1. Add ibmc to the list of enabled_hardware_types, enabled_power_interfaces, enabled_vendor_interfaces and enabled_management_interfaces in /etc/ironic/ironic.conf. For example:

    enabled_hardware_types = ibmc,ipmi
    enabled_power_interfaces = ibmc,ipmitool
    enabled_management_interfaces = ibmc,ipmitool
    enabled_vendor_interfaces = ibmc
  2. Restart the ironic conductor service:

    sudo service ironic-conductor restart
    # Or, for RDO:
    sudo systemctl restart openstack-ironic-conductor

Registering a node with the iBMC driver

Nodes configured to use the driver should have the driver property set to ibmc.

The following properties are specified in the node’s driver_info field:

  • ibmc_address:

    The URL address to the ibmc controller. It must include the authority portion of the URL, and can optionally include the scheme. If the scheme is missing, https is assumed. For example: This is required.

  • ibmc_username:

    User account with admin/server-profile access privilege. This is required.

  • ibmc_password:

    User account password. This is required.

  • ibmc_verify_ca:

    If ibmc_address has the https scheme, the driver will use a secure (TLS) connection when talking to the ibmc controller. By default (if this is set to True), the driver will try to verify the host certificates. This can be set to the path of a certificate file or directory with trusted certificates that the driver will use for verification. To disable verifying TLS, set this to False. This is optional.

The openstack baremetal node create command can be used to enroll a node with the ibmc driver. For example:

openstack baremetal node create --driver ibmc
  --driver-info ibmc_address= \
  --driver-info ibmc_username=admin \
  --driver-info ibmc_password=password

For more information about enrolling nodes see Enrollment in the install guide.

Features of the ibmc hardware type

Query boot up sequence

The ibmc hardware type can query current boot up sequence from the bare metal node

openstack baremetal node passthru call --http-method GET \
  <node id or node name> boot_up_seq

PXE Boot and iSCSI Deploy Process with Ironic Standalone Environment

Ironic standalone with iBMC driver node