Debugging CI failures

If you see FAILURE in one or more jobs for your patch please don’t panic. This guide may help you to find the initial reason for the failure. When clicking in the failed job you will be redirect to a page that contains all the logs and configurations used to run the job.

Using Ara Report

The ara-report folder will redirect you to a UI where you can see all the playbooks that were used to execute the job, and you will be able to find the playbook that failed. Click on the Tasks button for the playbook that failed and then click on the Status button for the task that has failed.

You will be able to see what command was being executed and you can test locally to see if you can reproduce the failure locally.

Looking at logs

If you want to go more deep in your investigation you can look at the job-output file, it will give you an overall idea of the failures and you can identify services that may be involved. Under controller/logs you can find the the configuration and logs of those services.