Fast-Track Deployment

Fast track is a mode of operation where the Bare Metal service keeps a machine powered on with the agent running between provisioning operations. It is first booted during in-band inspection or cleaning (whatever happens first) and is only shut down before rebooting into the final instance. Depending on the configuration, this mode can save several reboots and is particularly useful for scenarios where nodes are enrolled, prepared and provisioned within a short period of time.


Fast track deployment targets standalone use cases and is only tested with the noop networking. The case where inspection, cleaning and provisioning networks are different is not supported.


Fast track is off by default and should be enabled in the configuration:

fast_track = true


If using In-band inspection, you need to tell ironic-inspector not to power off nodes afterwards. Depending on the inspection mode (managed or unmanaged), you need to configure two places. In ironic.conf:

power_off = false

And in inspector.conf:

power_off = false

Finally, you need to update the inspection PXE configuration to include the ipa-api-url kernel parameter, pointing at the ironic endpoint, in addition to the existing ipa-inspection-callback-url.