Devstack Installation

This type of installation is for developers or testing, and not for production.

Single-node Devstack Installation

In order to install Karbor using Devstack on a single node, add the following to your local.conf, under [[local|localrc]]:

enable_plugin karbor master
enable_plugin karbor-dashboard master
enable_service karbor-api
enable_service karbor-operationengine
enable_service karbor-protection
# Karbor Dashboard depends on Horizon
enable_service karbor-dashboard



enable_plugin heat master
enable_service h-eng h-api h-api-cfn h-api-cw

Cinder (optional)

enable_service cinder c-api c-vol c-sch c-bak

Glance (optional)

enable_service g-api g-reg

Nova (optional)

enable_service n-cpu n-api n-cond n-sch n-novnc n-cauth placement-api

Neutron (optional)

enable_service neutron q-svc q-agt q-dhcp q-meta
disable_service n-net