API for custom checkpoint meta-data


Problem description

Currently when creating a checkpoint. The only place to add custom information apart from the name is in the description field. This means that tools that create checkpoints needs to use this user visible space for their own metadata.

User data can only be set during creation and is read-only from that point on.

Use Cases

A tool creates a checkpoint and want’s to add information related to the tools functions. For example a tool that creates checkpoints due to specific external events would like to add the event_id of the event that triggered the checkpoint creation.

Proposed change

When creating a checkpoint a new field would be available called extra-info. This field must be a map in the format of:

    "key": "value",

Keys and values must both be strings. Keys that are officially recognized will be in the format of karbor-<key-name> for example karbor-created-by.

Anything that is not officially defined should use the prefix: x-<application>--<key-name>. For example, x-trigger-master--trigger-id


Do nothing, this is not a mission critical feature.

Data model impact

New field for a checkpoint called extra-info.

REST API impact

New optional body attribute when creating a new checkpoint:


    "extra-info": {
            "karbor-created-by": "operation-engine"

Security impact

We need to make sure the number of entries and their size is within bounds to prevent any attacks.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact

The new API will be exposed to users via the python-karborclient.

Performance Impact

Filtering the results might cause a slight performance impact for the REST API.

Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Work Items

  • Write API

  • Add to Karbor client

  • Write tests

  • Add documentation




Unit tests in Karbor and the python-karborclient.

Documentation Impact

New docs to explain how to use the API.