Getting Started

We advise new users start by reading the Architecture documentation first in order to understand Kayobe’s various components.

For users wishing to learn interactively we recommend starting at either the all-in-one overcloud deployment or the ‘A Universe From Nothing’ deployment guide.

Once familiar with Kayobe’s constituent parts, move on to the Installation section to prepare a baremetal environment and then Deployment to deploy to it.

  • Architecture - The function of Kayobe’s host and networking components

  • Installation - The prerequisites and options for installing Kayobe

  • Usage - An introduction to the Kayobe CLI

  • Configuration - How to configure Kayobe’s various components

  • Deployment- Using Kayobe to deploy OpenStack

  • Upgrading - Upgrading from one OpenStack release to another

  • Administration - Post-deploy administration tasks

  • Resources - External links to Kayobe resources

  • Contributor - Contributing to Kayobe and deploying Kayobe development environments