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A Universe From Nothing


The ‘A Universe From Nothing’ deployment guide is intended for educational & testing purposes only. It is not production ready.

Originally created as a workshop, A ‘Universe From Nothing’ is an example guide for the deployment of Kayobe on virtual hardware. You can find it on GitHub here.

The repository contains a configuration suitable for deploying containerised OpenStack using Kolla, Ansible and Kayobe. The guide makes use of Tenks to provision a virtual baremetal environment running on a single hypervisor.

To complete the walkthrough you will require a baremetal or VM hypervisor running CentOS 7 with at least 32GB RAM & 40GB disk space. Preparing the deployment can take some time - where possible it is beneficial to snapshot the hypervisor. We advise making a snapshot after creating the initial ‘seed’ VM as this will make additional deployments significantly faster.